At Youth Focus, our goal is to provide well-structured youth programs and competitions for the benefit of youth that their lives might be enhanced and edified. Our youth programs include dance, singing, and talent competitions as well as scholarship competitions, programs and more. Our scholarship programs include the California State Scholarship Competition and other state- and county-level programs.

All Youth Focus programs are administered at minimum cost to the greatest extent possible, and in some cases, at no cost at all to the youth who participate; and all our programs are educationally, culturally, and community focused. Through our various youth programs and competitions, we hope to help youth build self-esteem and confidence, encourage them to seek a positive direction in life, and assist them in acquiring knowledge and developing positive life skills.

To find out more about Youth Focus Inc, our dance, singing, and talent competitions as well as our scholarship competitions and programs, please feel free to browse our site or contact us.