Board of Directors

Youth Focus is governed by a 23-member volunteer board of directors with the support of more than 100 volunteers who are involved in Youth Focus programs throughout the year.

Our board members are respected community leaders and alumni from our organization who are committed to serving in their local communities. They are teachers, lawyers, artists and professionals from all walks of life who most importantly are dedicated to upholding the ideals of the Youth Focus mission statement to provide positive opportunities for young people. Our board of directors aims to guide and expand Youth Focus programs and to find more effective and meaningful ways to fulfill our mission statement and purpose in the community.

Also, the Youth Focus Board has fiduciary responsibility for and is committed to minimizing our administrative costs so that donations to our organization can have the greatest impact for the young people who participate in our programs.

We are passionate about what we do. We would love to see you at one of our upcoming events or activities.


President: Jim Guido

Executive Vice President/Deputy Executive Director: Dan Lansford

Founder/Executive Director: William R. Smethers 

Secretary: Suzette Galloway

Treasurer: Joe Davila


  • Myron Ashby
  • Pat Burke
  • Joni Cronin
  • Kimberly Faraday
  • Tom Galloway
  • Suzette Galloway
  • Bill Hennings
  • Brittany Lansford
  • Colette O’Bannion
  • Laura Palazzolo
  • Michele Quarry
  • Jerry Rose
  • Kristina Stamper
  • Steve Tolliver
  • Vern Tyler
  • Marilyn Tyler
  • Marcy Tyson
  • Bob Wackerman
  • Melissa Wackerman