California State Scholarship Competition


California State Scholarship Competition

July 10-15, 2017


Miss California State and the California State Ambassador, at the upper age division, will each receive a $10,000 educational scholarship.


Leadership. Service. Advocacy. These are the facets of the California State Youth Accolades program that we are proud to instill in young individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Each summer, our youth leadership program brings together a group of outstanding youth from across the state of California with one common desire: To set an example of service and leadership for their peers. Over more than 40 years, the program has touched the lives of thousands of young people and has awarded more than $1 million dollars in educational scholarships to its participants.


Participants in the Cal State program gain skills they can apply to in their endeavors to better their communities, pursue higher education, build successful careers, and beyond.


Be a part of an inspiring group of peers — share your passion for your community and hone your leadership skills.


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