California State Talent Competition Adds International Dance

A new Division, International Dance, is being added to the California State Talent & Performing Arts Competition this year. Performers ages 4 through 21 are encouraged to enter their dance specialty which can include Hawaiian, Filipino, Indian, Irish, Scottish, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican or Spanish to name some.

The California State Talent Competition is the state’s oldest and most prestigious youth talent competition hosting hundreds of young people performing over two days in instrumental, vocal and dance categories. This program offers more than $3,000.00 in talent scholarships to some of California’s most talented young people.

This year’s event takes place April 27-29 at the Bayside Community Theater, 1901 Cottle Ave. San Jose, CA. Deadline for applications is April 12.

The competition is designed to encourage young performers from all over the state to continue developing their talents, and to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to their friends, parents and the community at large. Everyone who participates is given an award in recognition of their participation to take home to encourage them in their development

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