Youth Focus hosts a variety of events throughout the year including scholarship competitions, talent competitions, and recognition events. In addition to these, Youth Focus also takes pride in participating in local and statewide fairs and activities. Please find the list of Youth Focus sponsored events below and click on any of them to get additional information.


Scholarship Competitions

Leadership Training
Public Speaking Experience
Resume Writing and Interview Skills
Community Service Focus

Our California State Scholarship Competition is our flagship program, as it incorporates all of which we hold important as an organization: showcasing community service, giving participants a platform to perform and share their passions, and building their confidence so they might find what makes them unique and share it with the world. Our competition is really a youth leaderprovides a rare opportunity to really demonstrate a well-rounded individual, as the competition has both on stage and interview portions, including speeches and talent presentations.

California State Scholarship Competition

Teen Ambassadors Competition

Junior Ambassador Competition

Talent Competitions

Every Participant Receives An Award

Divisions Divided According To Ages

Competent and Knowledgeable Judges

“Everybody Wins and Nobody Loses” is the continuing theme of our annual competitions as we endeavor to continue to motivate excellence and achievement amongst our young participants. Every young person participating in the competition receives an award. This allows each participant to go away feeling a sense of pride as well as a sense of accomplishment. Students leave our competitions feeling exhilarated with a renewed enthusiasm about their art form with a desire to work harder striving for a greater level of excellence.

California State Talent Competition (CSTC)

Greater Bay Area Talent Competition (GBATC)

Piano and Instrumental Adjudication

Recognition Events

Honoring youth and adult leaders of today

Providing affirmation for accomplishments and contributions to community

These events provide an opportunity to recognize young people and community members for their contributions in a wide-rage of unique categories. Although the following are held in conjunction with each other, the “Salute to Youth” program relies on a nomination process to recognize youth in a variety of different categories, while “Youth Mentors Hall of Fame” recognizes adults who made impacts on their community or young people’s lives. Youth Focus Inc. is proud to be the only local organization recognizing youth in so many unique areas of recognition.

Salute to Youth

Youth Mentor’s Hall of Fame